Over wintered black Irish native honey bees. Buy Nucs/nuc, black / native queens .

Checking queen bank

Checking queen bank

Lost a queen drop us a email.

* We breed irish native black queens apis mellifera mellifera to over winter, so if you come to spring and you have lost a native black queen send an email and we will help, subject to availability. Should you not have time to breed  your own black native queens buy some of our prolific layers! 

* I also have irish virgin black honey bee queens available.

* Having bees most of my life has been so rewarding, the black native bees are so different to a lot of the uk other breeds.

*  Buying native honey black bees, has put us on the right path here in the west of Ireland.  We live in an area that my black  virgin queens can open mate for at least 6 miles and to date I haven't come across any of them with orange mixed with my beautiful blacks.

 * After training with Mike in Scotland,it opened my eyes to instrumental insemination , my dear older brother helped me out with buying the right instrumental machine . I brought it from Doctor Peter Schley.. from Germany

At Black bee man,our sister company is bassed Near mothel,  where bee keeping is a way of life .

Irish black bees produce our  excellent

Irish black bees produce our excellent

Bee farming in mothel co,waterford At blackbeeman our sister site raw and pure bio- diverse .