Buy Black bee man- proven -black native queen mating boxes - forsale finest raw irish honey.

Blackbeeman mating boxes 35mm thick great returns proven . Buy irish pure Honey from its the finest..... 

 *Black bee man mating boxes.  In 2017 I decided I had had it with mini poly mating boxes . Over heating, absconding, easy targets for wasps . I made twelve of my own and no absconding ,no over heating, no 3 days to hold them in .                                                                      

* Twenty four hours after putting 600 m of bees and a virgin in I let them out and I got eleven each time, x that by 3  very good going . So I have made 100 for this year, we also have mating boxes for sale . 40 mm thick, solid, heavy so no need for straps or weights.

Great mating boxes  proven  year after year .black bee man where breeding bee and producing honey is a way of life

Top class black native queen bee mating boxes that work

Top class black native queen bee mating boxes that work

 When putting out mating boxes I don't want them blowing to the next county . And have to put bricks on them , my boxes weigh 9 kg each with a good hold on the Irish weather . The roofs don't blow off , the bees don't swarm off with change in temperature, the virgins have a better return rate.