Buy a  Nuc  of native Irish  black bees, apis mellifera mellifera Irish bred bees forsale down in mothel 2024

2024 summer NUCS of Amm black native  bees. How much does a  nuc cost 2024 from blackbeeman email today for costs of Amm nucs

Native Amm black bees Irish dark queens Amm.http:// some of the finest Honey..

Native Amm black bees Irish dark queens Amm.http:// some of the finest Honey..

 At black bee man we offer nucs bursting with life, all our nucs are disease free .We only breed from proven stock ,if it doesn't make our standards it doesn't go in a box.our criteria is  for well bred apis mellifera mellifera native black Irish bees is:Great honey gatherers

                                                                          A.  A prolific laying pattern

                                                                          B. Calm on the comb

                                                                          C. Hygienic traits                                                                  

                                                                          D.  Only queens that are fully proven are bred from. Check out our Honey site finest irish honey to your door.

Inseminated queens will be in our early Nucs of native black bees.As there are only a few of use in Ireland inseminating black queen bee. My Nucs should be some of the earliest forsale. Try artificial queen Nucs they are as good as any naturally mated queens prolific is the word to describe my insemiated queens now in my Nucs . .

All nucs come with new frames and foundation, 

2022 Nucs taking orders now!!!!!

Buy a nuc / Nucs of my native black apis  mellifera mellifera   ,the queens blood lines  / come from some of the other top breeders in Ireland.

* I sell proven queens in our Nucs forsale of Amm native black bees .

*nucs of our summer stock of black bees have a minimum of 3 frames of brood .

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  2. Summer Nucs from Co, Tipperary  the best in the south.

Wax coated nuc boxes

Wax coated nuc boxes one of irelands finest honey houses ,mountain honeys  c farmed at

At mothel co,waterford right next to the holy well lives the home of .frances is a bee keeper with so much no how with her bees . The honey at is untreated and raw and pure as nature intended