Inseminated native black queen bees taking orders for2022/ forsale/buy Nucs of black bees  Amm Queens keeping pure genetics.

We offer 2 year old breeder queens, artificially inseminated twice Native black queens .

Buy - For sale..60euros inseminated 2022 each discounts on more than one queen !!!!.. inseminated black native amm queen bees 2 years old proven !! 150euros.After the queen is inseminated she is introduced to a nuc box to ensure that she has a good laying pattern and all is well,after which I ship her to her new owner .buy my early Nucs they also have a Artificially  mated queen bees in . My inseminated black native queen bees  are good  foragers and calm to Handel give at least 3 years as a commercial queen but they can go on longer .Instrumental insemination is the best way to keep good stocks of native black honey queen bees going, I try my very best to keep the genetic diversity in all my black Amm queens ..(IMPORTANT) should any queen posted by myself be dead, please don't remove the tab on cage. Return by post for money back or replacement. We cannot replace should the tab be broken.  We will refund postage, we know that the postman may have her sitting on the seat of his van in hot sun or be banged about in sorting office . Remember it's best in my opinion to put a queen excluder on for a week or two on the main entrance,because some inseminated  queens don't no they are inseminated so might want to take a mating flight . Just let her settle in and every thing should bee fine with your amm native black Irish queen honey bees.2021 early mated inseminated black native queen bees for sale . Dew to the poor returns on open mated queens , I felt it was high priority to learn to artificially inseminate native black queen bees. Let's face it guys the varroa mite is a hard job to stamp out 100%. I have a better chance to find the varroa resistant lines with artificial crossing hygienic queens with hygienic drones we should be over half way there .so some of the finest apis mellifera mellifera in the Irish republic contact Frances.

Prolific queens A.I. Is the way forword to keep stocks of native black bees .

For sale Native black queen bees April till September ..instrumentally inseminated  at our bee farm in county mayo .inseminated native black queen honey bees vs naturally mated native black queen bees  . When you buy your inseminated  native queens rest a sured they will have the genetic  foot print of any well mated queens .Over the years the weather in Ireland has never been predictable, April and May can be a washout, so I decided that artificial insemination would be worth doing to make the production of good early queens a priority to give Apis Mellifera mellifea a good start.

I looked at Mike from who are the most well known artificial inseminators in the world. I travelled to Scotland for an intense course in AI with Mike. He is a master of his craft and always willing to help and advise.

I will be instrumentally inseminating in April 2018.inseminated queen bees for sale whatch this page as there will be large discounts.

Extracting semen we use up two 20 different drones to keep the genetic diversity drones are marked  to make records of which hive they are from .
Extracting semen we use up two 20 different drones to keep the genetic diversity drones are marked to make records of which hive they are from .

We are trying to become varroa resistant 

 Buy my inseminated queens they are as good ,if not better than any naturally mated queens. artificially insemeninated black honey bee queens v naturally mated queens . I have 3 year old inseminated queens  that are laying and are still very prolific and they over wintered very well .I wish every one in the world of beekeeping good over wintering!!!!.All of my bees are kept totally organically ,we are not so far away from find the varroa resistant strains.